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About Integra

Integra designs, produces, supplies and installs metal suspended ceilings and high-tech climate ceilings. If you are looking for an advanced ceiling system with cooling and heating technology that fits seamlessly into the design of your building, then choose Integra. Together with architects, we design ceilings for office buildings, airports and train stations worldwide. We do this according to the philosophy that through our performance we want to obtain the status of preferred supplier with every customer. Always with an eye for the immediate surroundings, sustainability, people and the environment.


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Address: Rak 22

Postal Code: 1551 NA

Place: Westzaan

T: 075 - 6127290

Electric heating and infrared heating of the highest quality

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Standard range of electric radiators

Jirlumar has various series of electric radiators in its range. The radiators are available in different capacities and sizes. The product specifications of the radiators are shown on the product pages.

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Electric radiators

Electric radiators, also known as radiant panels or infrared panels. However, this last term causes confusion because it actually concerns electromagnetic radiation.

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Electric design radiators

With our electric design radiators we offer something special. This collection consists of design radiators made of glass, natural lava stone and steel. These luxurious materials are applied in an innovative way so that these radiators and towel dryers heat very efficiently. The panels are quick and easy to install and, if desired, also easy to move again.

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Advantages of electric heating

Automatically the desired heat at the desired place, at the desired time, at the desired time. On chilly days it is not necessary to heat the entire house during the day or in the evening. If you are mainly in one room, it pays not to use the central heating system. Electric heating is becoming increasingly common now that the energy transition to more sustainable energy sources is in full swing. With the developments that have been made in residential and non-residential construction and in the design of electric heating, it has become a fully-fledged alternative with many advantages. Below we outline the main benefits. High efficiency Electric heating offers a very high efficiency. With high-quality electric heating panels, this rises to 97% and with infrared panels, this is even 100%. This is a significant difference with conventional heating systems such as a central heating system where the efficiency is between 60% and 75%. Precisely control the temperature per room Electric heating can be controlled very accurately per room or space. As a result, a home office can also be comfortably heated without the temperature in the living room having to rise further. The programmable thermostat makes it easy to achieve optimal energy savings by adjusting the heating to the daily rhythm of the residents.

Easy installation No demolition work is required to install electric heating, which greatly simplifies installation. The panels can be easily hung using the wall brackets. Our underfloor heating can be purchased per linear meter and is easy to cut in so that it can also be laid. In addition, they are so thin that there are generally no problems with the construction height. No periodic maintenance necessary Unlike conventional systems that work on gas, electric heating does not require periodic maintenance. There are no risks of gas leakage, generally modern electric heating products are equipped with overheating protection and have a long service life.

Suitable for various energy concepts The number of new energy concepts is increasing and electric heating is occupying an increasingly prominent place in this. Jirlumar's electric heating products are very suitable for use in many of these concepts and we have already supplied our products for several concepts. Our specialists are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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