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It's special how life turns out sometimes. We wanted to see a lot of the world and in the early 2000s we moved to New Zealand. The continent of new opportunities, high prosperity and - above all - a relaxed, laid back lifestyle. New Zealanders live outside all year round and the sun can be quite scorching.

So it's not surprising that there are the best

shading concepts come from. We were particularly captivated by the louvre roofs. Beautiful, open constructions that provided shade and sun when we wanted it and at the same time let the light in in a unique way. When it rained, we closed the louvres and were sheltered. What a wonderful way to live outside as much as possible.

A childhood friend spent his holiday with us and was just as enthusiastic as we are. Together we decided to bring this beautiful concept to the Netherlands. In 2006 we launched Livium and introduced the louvre roof in the Netherlands and Belgium. It turned out to be the start of a new adventure.

Dolf of the Maidenberg,

Director of Live


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Address: Oosterveldsingel 53

Postal Code: 7558 PJ

Location: Hengelo (B)

T: 074-3033777

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Louvre roofs

Treat yourself to the luxury of a louvre roof, the ultimate

game of shadow and light that you are all in yourself

has the hand.

  • Electrically adjustable

  • Waterproof

  • Always tailor-made

  • Slidable and/or rotatable

view our louvre roofs


Play with the light. Thanks to the 180◦ rotatable louvered roof, you can set the incidence of sunlight exactly as you want at any time of the day.

  • Infinitely adjustable

  • Closed = watertight

  • Rain sensor optional

  • Optimal ventilation

view our rotatable louvre roofs


Enjoy the daylight to the maximum. On dark
days you can slide the louvered roof effortlessly
one or two sides.

  • No loss of light in the home

  • Closed = watertight

  • Perfect sun protection

  • Optimal ventilation

view our sliding louvre roofs


Louvre panels

Combine functionality with aesthetics. and add architectural value to your home.

  • Electrically adjustable

  • 180 degree rotation bear

  • Horizontal Vertical

  • With straight or slanted sides

view our louvre panels

Straight sides

Louver panels from Livium give your
house a premium look. An optimal
combination of aesthetics and functionality

  • Perfect sun protection

  • Filtered light

  • Good blackout

  • Optimal privacy

view louvre panels with straight sides

Sloping sides

Louver panels with one or two sloping sides are our specialty and are custom made for you down to the smallest detail.

  • Filtered light

  • Good blackout

  • Perfect sun protection

  • Optimal privacy

view louvre panels with sloping sides


Shutter panels

Filter the sunlight in a playful and stylish way with shutter panels. Shutter panels add design to your home and offer a lot of privacy.

  • Shutters for outdoors

  • Slidable and manually adjustable

  • Horizontally and vertically

  • Protection against sun, cold and wind

view our shutter panels

Sliding shutters

Function and appearance in one. Sliding shutter panels are eye-catching and at the same time ideal for sun protection and maximum privacy.

  • Slidable over great lengths

  • Stormproof

  • With rotatable or fixed louvres

  • Exactly custom made

view our sliding shutters

Fixed shutters

Fixed shutters are an asset to any villa. They combine the ultimate filtering of sunlight with optimal protection against the wind.

  • Set the mood yourself

  • Lockable in any position

  • Windproof

  • Stylish and functional

view our fixed shutters

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