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Full of new ideas

Innovative strength is one of our most important success factors. Our project management covers the entire MACO group and ensures that we quickly identify market opportunities and develop practical product solutions. This puts you one step ahead of the market. The functionality and quality of our fittings ensure your future.


We are a manufacturer of fittings with high continuity and stability in the market. 98% of the products are produced in-house. This allows us to respond quickly and flexibly to market changes. Due to our wide product range, we can provide total solutions in fittings. We work according to economic, ecological and social rules. With this we create the basis for successful sustainable entrepreneurship for our customers and the MACO group.


It is important for us to be and to remain in dialogue with you, our customer. We would like to share our knowledge and expertise with you. It is the key to our mutual success. Through our comprehensive solutions, we increase your competitive position. MACO stands, for you and your end users, for technology in motion in the broadest sense of the word.

Customer specific

We work with you to find individual solutions. We ensure that you can integrate these easily and uncomplicatedly into your company and production. We invest in product developments, which puts you in a strong position in the market. Our total solutions consist of product, advice and active support for the marketing of the products.


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Address: Stikkenweg 60

Postal code: 7021 BN

Place: Zelhem

T: 0314 659700

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Maco Beschläge

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