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Metro XL

BEAUTIFUL! Professional interior decoration from MetroXL!

MetroXL visualizes experience. With our beautiful full-color visuals, bare walls become real atmosphere creators. Dull meeting rooms are given a representative appearance. An uninviting hall is transformed into a welcoming reception area. MetroXL realizes it for you! We create a completely new experience. Make it BEAUTIFUL! with MetroXL.

MetroXL supplies interior graphics and signing for the professional market. We only work with products of the highest quality (MetroXL is 3M Select Provider ), offer you tailor-made advice and ensure that your project runs perfectly from order to assembly! With over 35 years of experience in interior decoration , advertising lettering and XL prints , we are your leading signing specialist.

MetroXL has everything under its own management. With our own design department, our own production facilities and our own assembly team, we can switch quickly. We think along with you and always deliver tailor-made solutions. We ensure that the experience is portrayed and that after completion of the project you think: "BEAUTIFUL!"


metro xl.jpg

Address: Keurweg 12

Postal Code: 5145 NX

Place: Waalwijk

T: 0416 335 368

Metro XL

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