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Polderbos Crematorium, Oostende

Sound-absorbing panels for a special place

The new and impressive Polderbos Crematorium building, designed by the architectural firm OFFICE in collaboration with Richard Venlet and Bureau Bas Smets and built by general contractor Braet from Nieuwpoort, stands on the site of a former brick factory in the Belgian seaside resort of Ostend. It is a place where people can say goodbye to a loved one in an intimate and personal way, and it is also a place where saying goodbye becomes a memory to cherish. In collaboration with our sister company FDS, Espero had the honor of supplying sound-absorbing panels for this project.

The challenge for the OFFICE architectural firm "Preventing outside noises from hindering a funeral is very important at a crematorium. It is more than annoying when the attendees cannot hear the service. The rooms in the Polderbos Crematorium had to become one acoustic whole. This creates a pleasant atmosphere and contributes greatly to the proper functioning of the building and its experience. The client wanted to be able to use the two ceremonial rooms, with respective capacities of 270 and 170, both as separate rooms and combined into one room. All these requirements were met by a single system: the movable partitions of FDS / Espero ”. Anne van Hout - Architect @ OFFICE

Solution Given the needs of the crematorium, it was decided to install a double movable Sonico 110 wall by Espero. In order to meet the strict noise requirements, the partition wall has been further finished with extra sound-absorbing materials such as foam and textile. One of the most striking features of the movable wall are the revolving panels. Unlike standard movable partitions, where panels are moved to the side to create a larger space, the panels of this wall are not moved to the side but each open 90 degrees. This was an important requirement that the customer had. The biggest challenge was to align all details, so that all finishes landed in the same plane and the profiles and stitches were neatly aligned. It only takes a second to close each individual panel and create the appearance of a single solid wall that blends into the interior. Opening the panels is as easy when it comes time for guests to leave the room. A tailor-made product that precisely meets the needs of the end user. Espero, creating space for everyone. Photos: Hans Morren

Curious about the advantages of a movable partition wall for your space? Please contact us, we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.


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