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RHEINZINK is the world's leading manufacturer of titanium zinc "Made in Germany" and your partner for roof, facade and rainwater drainage.


Tradition - the birth of a strong brand.

We go back to the early 60s. Industrial visionary Herbert Grillo looks at a zinc plate that has just been manufactured. It simply no longer meets the quality requirements for the production of material for rainwater drainage and roofing. Until then, pack rolling was the usual procedure. A technique that has been used for a long time, but it just isn't enough. It was then that Herbert Grillo recognized the need for a new production method.


Herbert Grillo finds the solution in the US: a melting, casting and rolling installation. It is immediately clear to him that this is the future for zinc roller installations. He is enthusiastic about the idea and starts looking for partners for a new company. The Vereinigten Deutschen Metallwerke and the Stolberger Zink AG will become participants in the new company in addition to Grillo-Werke AG.

Ten years later, in 1978, management took the decision to concentrate solely on rolled zinc for the construction industry.

At the same time, the production of various rainwater drainage products began, at that time this is manual work performed by the plumber. This started the development of the factory and the RHEINZINK brand.

Because mill-finish zinc only acquires its typical blue-grey color after a longer period of time, architects wished that the material could be supplied in an already patinated version.


Based on this request, RHEINZINK succeeded in 1988 in developing an innovation that is still unique today and is the USP of the company: the production of preweathered zinc.

With this, all zinc patinated with a special pickling process is produced. The natural surface is preserved and RHEINZINK completely dispenses with artificial coatings or varnishes.

In 2007, the second generation of the pre-patination installation was commissioned.

The new production line enables pre-patination in a continuous process to meet the high demand.


Back to the year 2018: the vision of more than 50 years has grown strongly.

Today, RHEINZINK employs more than 670 people internationally with a turnover of approximately €350 million. RHEINZINK operates in more than 39 countries around the world with 14 subsidiaries, five sales offices and 10 sales representatives.

Then and now RHEINZINK was part of the Grillo group.

Ever since the establishment of RHEINZINK, Wentzel BV has been the importer and distributor of RHEINZINK in the Netherlands. With a large warehouse, production-customization department, showroom and technical advisors, Wentzel ensures fast delivery, high-quality advice and assistance with implementation. A large network of dealers ensure the sale of the products in the Netherlands.


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Address: Scharenburg 2

Postal Code: 1046 BB

Place: Amsterdam

T: 020 435 2000

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RHEINZINK CLASSIC, prePATINA, GRANUM and PRISMO offer numerous design options. Get to know our different product lines.

Natural material - perfect surfaces

Innovations and versatility are among our strengths. We are constantly optimizing and expanding our range so that you can easily implement your creative ideas and projects. Make use of our wide range and find the right solution for every idea. The variants prePATINACLASSICGRANUM en PRISM meet the highest requirements in terms of material, finish and functionality. Find the best quality variant. 

Self-healing surfaces.

The skin has many functions as a protective covering; one of the most important is to prevent the entry of foreign substances into our body. When injured, the natural self-healing capacity of the skin becomes active: small cuts or scratches heal themselves within a short time and are then no longer visible.

The natural material titanium zinc has similar properties. RHEINZINK-CLASSIC and RHEINZINK-prePATINA are high-quality surfaces that develop a natural patina layer over time. This acts as a protective layer, just like human skin. This patina also has a natural self-healing effect and thus guarantees a long life.


At the end of the 1980s, RHEINZINK was the only manufacturer to develop the so-called pre-weathering pickling process for the production of patinated zinc. The typical zinc patina, in blue-grey or graphite-grey, is supplied from the factory and thus replaces a natural process that often takes years. The natural surface properties are retained, so that the material continues to patina, assembly scratches are leveled and the surface can be soldered.

RHEINZINK-prePATINA blue-grey and graphite-grey are patinated zinc with a truly natural surface. They are not coated or lacquered: the color comes from the zinc alloy. Compared to RHEINZINK prePATINA blue-grey, RHEINZINK-prePATINA graphite-grey has a higher copper content, resulting in a darker colour. Depending on the application and environmental factors, the patina layer will continue to patina.

In places where there is little or no rainwater, such as fascia cladding and the underside of an overhang, chlorides can form that react with the natural patina layer. This is expressed in white dots on the material. This can be experienced as disturbing, especially on the dark surface of prePATINA graphite-grey. Read more about the properties of preweathered zinc in the brochure 'Material properties'.


The RHEINZINK GRANUM product line consists of two phosphated variants: GRANUM sky gray and GRANUM basalt. The gray elegance of GRANUM sky gray looks pure and authentic in its simplicity. GRANUM basalte is matte black zinc with a high quality and timeless appearance: the anthracite black layer gives a completely new dimension to zinc. GRANUM sky gray and basalt have a long life and are fully recyclable. Roofs, facades, gutters and rainwater drainage pipes can be executed in these variants.

The sleek gray tones provide space for modern, natural architecture. The material has a matt appearance with a clearly visible roller structure (the 'grain') that further accentuates over time. 

The versatility of GRANUM makes it possible to cover roofs, facades, fascias and other building components. Black zinc gives an accent to building parts, such as frames around window frames and the side cheeks of dormer windows. There is also a  full rainwater drainage system available. The material lends itself extremely well to cladding both the roof and the facade, as is the case with a barn house.

The gray and black matt surface is achieved by phosphating the material surface. This phosphate layer will form a natural patina over time, making the dark surface of RHEINZINK-GRANUM basalt lighter. 

In places where there is little or no rainwater, such as fascia cladding and the underside of an overhang, chlorides can form that react with the natural patina layer. This is expressed in white dots on the material. This can be experienced as disturbing, especially on the dark surface of GRANUM basalt. Read more about the properties in the brochure 'Material properties RHEINZINK'.


Original, natural and pure: RHEINZINK-CLASSIC bright-rolled (roll bright zinc) has proven itself for more than 50 years. RHEINZINK-CLASSIC is natural mill-finish zinc that develops a patina layer over time under the influence of the atmosphere. Under the influence of weather conditions, the roller-white glossy surface acquires a blue-grey closed layer, which is responsible for the long life of the zinc. 

For more information about the properties of the material, see brochure RHEINZINK material properties.


RHEINZINK-PRISMO is RHEINZINK's product line with a natural-looking transparent color coating. The base material used is the phosphated RHEINZINK GRANUM sky grey, on which a semi-transparent PU lacquer has been applied. This achieves a colored effect that at the same time shows the underlying zinc structure. With six standard colors, PRISMO offers many design options.

Aesthetic overall picture

Six nature-inspired color tones: gold, brown, blue, red, green and black. Can be used as roof and facade cladding, but also as roof edge, fascia part and framing of window frames. PRISMO brings zinc with color.

RHEINZINK-PRISMO gold, brown, green and red are available from stock. PRISMO blue and black are produced on a project basis and have a minimum purchase of 5 tons, which is approximately 750 m2 of roof or facade surface. For more information about this material and its processing see brochure RHEINZINK material properties.




Zinc has been used as a building material for over 150 years. It has a wide range of applications and can be used for small parts to complete facade or roof systems. With our extensive range of roof systems, your ideas can be realized in the same process. In the field of metal roofs, zinc, and especially the titanium zinc developed by RHEINZINK, is experiencing a real revival. Titanium zinc roofing systems and roofs are superior to traditional roofing systems in many ways.

The use of our roofing systems is particularly beneficial for you, as our range not only covers roofing systems, but also numerous architectural details and also possibilities for the integration of solar panels offers. As an architect, you can respond particularly flexibly to the wishes of your clients without this entailing a lot of work for you. Custom solutions are of course also possible for very special wishes, because zinc can easily be incorporated into any design.

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The facade is the face of the house. With RHEINZINK, such a facade becomes, as it were, a calling card for the design. The different RHEINZINK facade systems are distinguished by their great variety and applicability in almost every style. RHEINZINK facade claddings are of a timeless beauty and offer safe aesthetic protection for generations. In addition to its exceptionally beautiful appearance and processing properties, the natural material also has other sustainable characteristics. A RHEINZINK facade lasts more than 75 years and is fully recyclable. It is not for nothing that RHEINZINK is synonymous with quality and sustainability in construction in more than 30 countries.

Every building, every project is different - just like the facade. That is why we offer different facade systems, each of which is characterized by its special properties. Depending on the facade system, you can choose between classic solutions and modern panel systems. Find more information about the systems here, or be inspired by one of our reference projects.



The complete drainage of rainwater, starting from the gutter to the connection to the sewer, can be realized with the more than 750 products from the rainwater drainage system from RHEINZINK. Eye-catching elements on the facade, such as HWA pipes and gutters, exude quality and durability with RHEINZINK. The parts fit together perfectly with an equal gloss level and appearance. Quality that is underlined by the KOMO quality mark and the Cradle to Cradle certification (Cradle to Cradle for the CLASSIC and prePATINA product line).

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