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Sepa wall, flexible and durable

Sepawand has been developing, supplying and installing system walls and doors for more than fifty years, which are produced in-house. These movable walls ensure the perfect layout of spaces within companies and institutions.

Our range consists of walls made of glass, wood, plaster which can be processed with photo prints or white board. These products are used in non-residential construction and industry, including in offices, industrial halls, schools, healthcare institutions, banks and showrooms.

Movable inner walls and prefab units

Sepawand is one of the most experienced producers of movable inner walls and prefab units in the Netherlands. To provide you with the best possible service, we have:


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Address: Nijverheidsweg 23

Postcode: 7442 CH

Place: Nijverdal

T: 0548 63 63 00

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  • A team of enthusiastic and motivated employees.

  • Our own autoCAD design and drawing department.

  • Own production departments with modern CNC machinery.

  • Skilled assembly and service teams.

That's why Sepawall

  • Flexible layout

  • Great freedom in materials, colors and designs

  • High-quality and sustainable use of materials

  • Maintenance free

  • Ready-made delivery (no painting, spraying or wallpapering required)


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