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Consciously building with Sto.

Sto has also been active in the Netherlands for years. In the late 1970s, Jan van Wijk sold thermal insulation systems under the ISPO flag. Later, ISPO would become Isoned. Sto and ISPO merged in 2002, resulting in the current Sto Isoned. Sto is now the worldwide market leader in the field of facade insulation. In the Netherlands too.

As a partner of housing corporations, architects, home owners and real estate investors, we support them in the realization of an aesthetic and energetic upgrade of the Dutch real estate stock. We believe in the power of skilled entrepreneurs to achieve this. As an innovator in the painting and plaster industry, we provide these professionals with innovative products and systems.

Sto Isoned is led by Rob de Jong, Managing Director since February 2012. Together with the team, which consists of about 30 enthusiastic professionals, he is committed to a more beautiful and energy-efficient building stock, and he is convinced that innovative and sustainable systems make a positive contribution here.


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Address: Lingewei 107

Postal Code: 4004 LH

Place: Tiel

T: 0344 62 0666

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A facade is the calling card of a building. The trick is to design a unique character for this with the help of shape, color and texture. But in addition to the design of the facade, functionality, energy savings and sustainability also play an important role. With more than 40 years of experience, we offer our customers the right solution for every need. Our facade insulation systems not only offer protection, but in combination with decorative plasters and facade paints countless ways to achieve a distinctive design.



We spend most of our lives indoors. The requirements for the design of a unique, functional and healthy living space are therefore extremely important. Sto is not only the market leader when it comes to external wall insulation systems, but also offers a complete indoor range where creativity knows no limits. Sto indoor products meet the highest environmental requirements and have received various awards for this. Most products are TÜV certified: proof that our products are low-emission, solvent- and plasticizer-free. Some have been awarded a natureplus® mark on top of this.




Optical and acoustic impressions have a direct influence on our emotion. Sto's acoustic ceiling systems reduce and regulate reverberation time and noise in a room, which creates a pleasant sound environment. Sto acoustic ceiling systems are extremely flexible in use. The acoustic panel can even be installed in a curved shape. This makes it possible to create smooth lines between surfaces of different heights or large curves and curves.



Building with Sto means sustainable building and renovation. Our systems and products meet all energy efficiency requirements, in order to jointly build a sustainable and liveable living environment. Limiting volatile organic compounds (VOCs), for example, is a challenge that we have successfully taken on, because Sto has a range of lacquers that complies with the current European directive.



Concrete repair

Building with concrete has become an integral part of modern architecture - the material proves its strength on bridges, industrial buildings or homes, among others. But concrete is also not indestructible: where the focus used to be on new construction, nowadays the preservation and maintenance of these buildings is in the foreground. Sto offers an extensive range of products for concrete repair.



Floor finishes

Floors are used in many ways. For example, floors are exposed to mechanical, chemical or thermal stress. High-quality finishes can withstand these stresses and also meet the aesthetic requirements of the customer. From primer to sealing, Sto offers a wide range of products that convince economically, qualitatively and aesthetically.




From A (sealing) to Z (...). The huge portfolio of Sto in the field of tools offers the possibility of optimal processing of Sto products.


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