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Strikolith is at your side with advice and assistance

Strikolith is a manufacturer and supplier of facade, wall and ceiling finishes. We are proud of our products and the possibilities they offer. That is why we prefer to assist you in making the right product choice, the application of the product and the after-treatment. Very simple: four eyes see more than two. In this way, Strikolith stands next to you at every stage with good advice, excellent service and the best products.

Works together

That's exactly how our work comes out best: side by side. So together, with a clear goal in mind. That means expressing the expectations and of course realizing them. Besides each other you are more critical, you are sharper and you oversee everything. This way you deliver projects that you can really be proud of.

Stucje history

Together we make things just that little bit more beautiful. Certainly more sustainable! We once started in Oosterhout in Brabant, where founder Jo van Strien invented his own cocktail of water, powder, glue and granules. These ingredients went into a converted dough mill overnight and lubricated during the day. A good idea that in 2019 is the Strikolith of now and the future. And still without splashes. Son Stefan took over the company in 2002 and still, maybe even more than ever before, we stand next to the customer. And that is precisely why we do not actually speak of customers, but of partners.

Tomorrow, next week and next year.

Strikolith is committed to the latest developments in the market. In fact, we do not turn our backs when it comes to developing valuable innovations. For example, we have our own sample maker and laboratory for the most specific issues. Or what about our facade insulation system? That is unique and completely Strikolith! The most important motivation to lead the way is that we keep in touch with the end user. Questions arise that we always want an answer to. It is therefore not surprising that our radar for new possibilities and sustainable applications is always on.

It's in the details

Because every 'plasterer's eye' can use a second look, we do everything in consultation. Together with you, we look at what a project really needs and provide products that fit it perfectly. You understand that it is extremely important for us to be closely involved in the progress of a project, preferably during the inventory phase. In this way we are assured that the project is realized down to the smallest detail. Together we provide the ideal mix of durability, functionality and just as important: phenomenal stucco.


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Address: Lissenveld 9-13

Postal Code: 4941 UK

Place: Raamsdonksveer

T: 0 162-514750

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