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Address: De Vesting 2

Postal Code: 7722 GA

Place: Dalfsen

T: 0529 431 466

TFD Floortile BV

The floor specialist for your company.

Every entrepreneur knows all too well the importance of a good floor. And once installed, it cannot be changed just like that. Moreover, the dry, damp and wet areas each require a different approach. In terms of atmosphere, but also in terms of functionality. In short, work for the specialists of TFD Floor Tile in Dalfsen.

Rob Toonen has been active with floors for specialized use since 1989 and can rightly be called a flooring expert par excellence. He keeps up to date with the latest trends and products at fairs in the Netherlands and abroad. And a lot has changed lately! A lot.

We have developed very diverse product lines. With beautiful natural designs ranging from wood to marble and anti-slip to mosaic motifs. For example, we have the marble stone series, the carpet series, the embossed wood series. These are all provided with a PU coating for extra wear resistance.
All these series are available in various variants, making TFD Floor Tile your total supplier.

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