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Address: Russenweg 14

Postal Code: 8041 AL

Place: Zwolle

T: 038 - 429 11 00


Wijzonol stands for contemporary Dutch craftsmanship. We develop paint with which professional painters and critical DIYers can deliver durable top quality craftsmanship in typical Dutch conditions.

Painting is a craft. We understand that at Wijzonol. For 100 years we have been making Dutch professional paint with the most modern techniques with a lot of passion and dedication. Our employees are passionate professionals, specialists from the painting profession, who know what developments are going on in the market. Our ambition: to manufacture innovative quality products.

In our R&D laboratory, paint scientists are busy with innovation and improvement of products and processes on a daily basis. An innovation is sustainable for Wijzonol if the new or improved product not only contributes to the operating result or a cleaner environment, but if customers actually get a better product with it.

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