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This chapter contains specifications for lost and temporary formwork, lost formwork for floor systems, reinforcement work, in-situ concrete and foam concrete, prestressing, post-treatment, machining, insulation, anchors and fasteners, profiles, supports, penetrations and recesses, and moisture barriers. Below you will find manufacturers, suppliers and service providers who are involved in this.

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Duofor: specialist in floor systems and insulation products

Duofor is a producer and supplier of dovetailed plates and floor systems, including the Combifor system floor. In addition, Duofor is a distributor of YBS Insulation products for the European mainland. On our website you will find various constructive, thermal, sound and fire resistant building solutions for floors, roofs and walls that are suitable for renovation and new construction. We are happy to help you find the right solutions for your project!

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Reppel: Optimal support for every part of the construction process.

Service and quality are key concepts for us: we take work off your hands by identifying which floor construction or fire-resistant covering best suits your situation. Choosing the right floor construction or fire protection is of vital importance for the success of your new construction or renovation project.

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