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This chapter contains specifications for battens, batten and lattice work, paneling, flat and profiled sheet coverings, profile strip coverings, panel coverings, paneling, cabinets, racks, wardrobes, containers and bins, countertops, worktops and sideboards, counters and buffets, seating furniture, signage, advertising objects, building furnishing and decoration, indoor blinds and accessories for upholstery. Below you will find manufacturers, suppliers and service providers who are involved in this.

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Since 1954, Arpa has been designing and producing panels with high-quality HPL technology for the most diverse end applications: from architecture to interior design, from healthcare to naval shipbuilding, from transport to catering, from retail to kitchens. An extensive range of products, very diverse in both structure and aesthetics.

Produced in the 150,000 square meter factory in Bra, in the Piedmont region of Italy, Arpa's high-pressure decorative laminates are the expression of a vibrant and original "Made in Italy" creativity.


Cosentino Group is a global Spanish family business that produces and distributes high quality innovative surfaces for the world of design and architecture. The company works with its customers and partners to provide solutions that deliver design and value and inspire the lives of many people.

This goal is possible thanks to pioneering and leading brands in their respective segments such as Silestone®, Dekton® and Sensa® by Cosentino. Technologically advanced surfaces that enable unique environments and designs to be created for home and public spaces.

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Cembrit is one of the largest European producers of multifunctional building products based on fiber cement. Cembrit consists of the parent company Cembrit Holding A/S and has subsidiaries in twenty European countries. In total, more than 1,500 people are employed, who work closely together in the field of R&D, knowledge exchange and training, on an international basis.

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